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GMet forecasts dangerous sea state on May 21; recommends extreme caution in Ghana’s coast

Sea Danger

The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet) has forecasted a dangerous sea state along Ghana’s coast from Tuesday, May 21 to Wednesday, May 22, 2024. The agency has warned that strong currents are expected to accompany this condition. Among other recommendations, vessels are advised to exercise extreme caution..

“Significant Wave heights are expected to rise above the normal threshold at (2.2-2.6)m on Tuesday, May 21st, 2024 and persist to (2.0-2.7)m on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024. This condition is expected to be accompanied by strong currents.” Moreover, GMet explained that high waves and rough seas can pose a significant threat to life and property. According to GMet, the anticipated impact of the high waves include:

  • Small coastal vessels may experience difficulty navigating,
  • Strong currents can increase the risk of accidents for swimmers and surfers, and
  • Coastal flooding and erosion may occur in low-lying areas.

GMet urged Mariners to exercise “extreme caution and avoid operating vessels offshore or in rough seas.” “Small craft should seek safe harbour until the dangerous sea state subsides,” the agency advised, adding that they should also ensure all safety equipment is in proper working order. Meanwhile, Mariners and the public are encouraged to monitor updates from the Ghana Meteorological Agency to stay informed.

GMet said it will continue to monitor the situation and provide the necessary updates.

By: Emmanuel Kwarteng

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