Five things that happen when women don’t wash their bras often 

Most women love to re-wear their bras and wash their clothes more often than their bras. A bra or brassiere is closer to the body than most clothes and is used to support the breasts. It is believed that a bra should not be worn more than three to five times in a row. It is recommended to wash bras at least once a week

If you don’t, here’s what happens:

  • Body odour

No matter how many times you spray perfume on your bra, if you don’t wash it regularly, it will stink to the heavens. A dirty bra is an accumulation of bacteria, oil, dirt, lotion, microorganisms, yeast, and fungi. If you don’t wash your bra, it will start to smell and the smell will rub off on other clothes, making you walk around with body odour.

  • Causes acne

Due to their tight fit and near contact with the skin, bras, particularly sports bras, are a major source of body acne. These bras, when unwashed, eventually become contaminated with filthy microorganisms, causing friction and acne. Your rib cage and underboob region may develop acne and pimples. Sports bras should be adequately washed after every two to three uses to lessen the possibility of red bumps unexpectedly appearing.

  • Stain marks and discolouration

You don’t want to ruin your good bras now do you? The fabric of your bras might become stained with sweat and deodorant, leaving yellow lines along the sides. These lines are brought on by sweat combined with oils, grime, and lotions. Discoloration may also be influenced by body chemistry. Use a toothbrush or stain remover to get rid of these stains. You should wash your underwear if there are any spots on it.

  • Rash or infection

One of the top things that seriously irritates our skin is clothing. Sometimes it’s because the clothing doesn’t fit right, and other times it’s because it is dirty. The area around your breasts is particularly inviting to bacteria and yeast since it is wet and cosy for them.

The skin may become raw in a pink area as a result of the yeast and bacteria, causing a rash or an infection.

  • Chafed nipples

It’s crucial to keep your bras clean to avoid discomfort, crusting, oozing, and bleeding in the nipple area caused by chafed nipples due to the combination of sweat and dry skin. Even a small amount of moisture trapped between unclean fabric and sensitive skin can lead to this issue.


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