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EOCO to launch lifestyle audits targeting celebrities and individuals with suspected unexplained wealth


The Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) has announced its intention to launch lifestyle audits targeting celebrities and individuals suspected of possessing unjustifiable wealth.  This decision follows the recent guilty plea by Ghanaian social media influencer and musician Mona Montrage, also known as Hajia4reall, in a $2 million romance scam case.  The incident has raised concerns about the perceived inability of Ghanaian authorities to curb the proliferation of illicit enrichment.

Speaking in an interview on JoyNews’ Upfront, the head of Administration and Investigations at EOCO, Edward Cudjoe disclosed that processes were underway to initiate lifestyle audits for individuals with unexplained wealth. He emphasised EOCO’s desire to deviate from the current law, which requires a person to be a subject of investigations before being questioned about the source of their wealth.

“We are leading the charge by ourselves, making certain proposals for the amendment of the law to align with international standards. This ensures that any gaps in your financial profile are substantiated by your earnings. Any disparities must be clarified to law enforcement, and the burden of proof rests on the individual to explain the origin of those resources,” he said. On his part, the former Auditor General, Daniel Domelevo cautioned that Ghana risks succumbing to the influence of drug dealers if lifestyle audits are not promptly initiated.

Expressing his viewpoint on the matter, Domelevo highlighted concerns about the adequacy of current systems, stating, “Our systems are not fit for purpose. The argument about invading someone’s privacy needs to be considered in the context of national interest or our collective well-being. If not addressed promptly, we risk compromising individual rights for the greater good.”

By: Prince Adu-Owusu

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