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9 perish in accident, others severely injured at Ho

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Tragedy struck as a fatal accident unfolded at the base of Galenkui Mountain in Ho, claiming the lives of 9 individuals, including infants. The harrowing incident involved a 207 Benz carrying goods and passengers from Abotoase to Sogakofe. During its descent down the mountain, the vehicle experienced brake failure, resulting in a collision with a Zoomlion refuse truck.

Reports initially confirmed 7 fatalities at the accident site, among them were infants and children. Subsequently, a nurse from Ho Municipal Hospital, Mary Dzifa, told Citi News that approximately 10 children had lost their lives in the tragedy. “I was at our facility yesterday, November 22, when a car rushed in with dead and injured children and injured adults, especially men. Some were attended to at the facility, and the rest who were severely injured were taken to the Ho Teaching Hospital. The dead children will be about 10.”

Adding to the grim toll, officials at the Ho Teaching Hospital disclosed that 32 individuals were admitted for injuries sustained, with 9 succumbing to their injuries. Amos Jah, the Public Relations Officer at Ho Teaching Hospital, provided reassurance that the injured victims are under medical care and are displaying signs of progress in their recovery.

“I received a call from a friend yesterday who was going back to town and that he saw the accident, so I quickly informed the nurses to be on alert. Some were brought in with pickups, ambulances, and tricycles; the situation was very bad, some had broken limbs, some heads almost being severed, and some were bleeding from all parts of the body. After two hours, we were able to calm the situation down.”

“We had a total of 30 accident victims brought here. Two others were brought from the Municipal Hospital this morning, making it 32 in all. My information is that we lost 9 of them, 4 are kids and 5 are adults. For the kids, three were brought in dead. Those injured are responding to treatment.”

By: Desmond Selase Aggor

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