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Be patriotic and show maturity – Dampare tells Ghanaians

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The Inspector-General of Police Dr. George Akuffo Dampare has urged Ghanaians to show a high sense of patriotism, maturity and love for humanity during the December 2024 general elections. According to the IGP, the security agencies are ready to police the elections every step of the way but citizens and all stakeholders playing their role will make the exercise an even smoother process.

Speaking in Accra at an election preparation programme organised by the Trades Union Congress on Thursday under the theme “The role of workers and social partners in securing peaceful election for national development” the IGP said if all stakeholders and citizens play their role, the election will be an enjoyable civic experience.

“The security agencies are ready for the elections, ready to keep the peace, ready to secure the country and ready to ensure law and order. All that we have to do as citizens is to play our part, and all other stakeholders must do is play their part.

“And if we are to do three things right, we will see that playing our part is the easiest thing that we can do for our beloved country. And the three things stem from being matured; maturity across all ages is very necessary, patriotism; patriotism towards nation such that we put Ghana first and all other things secondary and thirdly we need love for humanity,” the IGP said.

He stressed, “If we can operate on this principle we will see that our duty in this whole election process is a simple civic process that is enjoyable”. He further noted the National Election Command Centre has been operational at the Police headquarters over the last year handling election-related matters and working with the national election security task force to ensure that elections in the country are smooth.

Source: Citi Newsroom

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