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Let the doubting Thomas doubt – Shatta Wale responds to Akwasi Aboagye


Shatta Wale has responded to critics, doubting his claim of charging 80 thousand pounds for his performance at the just-ended Ghana Music Awards UK. “I have grown to know my worth, I know the industry is failing to accept that Shatta has grown and oh I like that doubt, there is an adage that says that the fool is the last to know before you realise everything Shatta has been saying will come to reality, they haven’t seen 80 thousand before, the cars I drive cost more than that, so if I say I was paid that amount I don’t think it should be strange, because artistes here (UK) are paid more than that,  80 thousand pounds is good for an artiste from Africa like me, let the doubting Thomas’ doubt”, he intimated.

The Dancehall King’s explanation follows recent commentary by entertainment show host, Akwasi Aboagye of Peace Fm, alleging that Shatta Wale was lying he had been paid 80 thousand pounds by Alordia Promotions organisers of the Ghana Music Awards UK.

According to the Akwasi Aboagye, it wouldn’t have been possible for the organisers to pay the Freedom hitmaker such an amount considering the cost they may have incurred in flying him to London for the show. However, speaking on SHOWBIZ TODAY on Takoradi-based Empire FM with host Feeling Daddy, Shatta Wale said “It so sad that they still see Ghana music to be poor, and nobody can make it”.

“They are asleep, they are seeing Shatta Wale as Paa Bobo, excuse me for saying, they didn’t have me in their time I would have changed their situation”. He wondered why such a personality in the creative space would make such a pronouncement trying to belittle artistes, “we have seen blogs putting out how much Nigerian artistes charge and nobody says they are bragging, but when Shatta does it the media would want to portray he is a braggart”.

Shatta Wale has always clamoured for better salaries for artists maintaining that they deserve better.

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