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Take #DumsorMustStop protest to Independence Square – Police to conveners

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Yvonne Nelson is leading a group to organise a street protest against the current power outages being experienced in Ghana and  they intend to picket at the Revolution Square opposite the seat of government, that is the Jubilee House. The police, however, told them that the area is a security zone and they could not organisers the protest there.

The police has therefore advised them to take the protest to the Independence Square. Dubbed #DumsorMustStop, the protesters intend to picket at the Revolution Square on Saturday, May 25, 2024. Yvonne Nelson has since sent a letter to the police notifying them of the plans to picket at 8:30 am and exit the premises at 12 midnight.

However, in a response to her notice letter, the police has said no protesters will be allowed anywhere near the presidency. According to Yvonne Nelson, the protest is “to demonstrate our frustrations over the unacceptable erratic electricity supply… to give the president ocular evidence of the debilitating effect of the erratic power supply on us.”

Explaining why the protesters cannot picket near the presidency, the Accra Regional Commander of Police, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCOP) Kwasi Arhin Annor said the organising a protest march at the Jubilee House, a security zone may endanger public defence and public order.

He has therefore directed the organisers of the protest to picket at the Independence Square instead of the Jubilee House. The police’s response was contained in a letter dated May 15, 2024, addressed to the conveners of the #DumsorMustStop protest.

“Following our engagement with you at the Regional Police Headquarters, Accra today, Wednesday 15/05/2024 regarding the notification of a public protest scheduled for Saturday 25th May 2024, the Command states, …That the Jubilee House which is directly opposite the Revolution Square is the seat of the Government and therefore a security zone, thus the protest and picket at Revolution Square may endanger public defence, and public order, and the public violate the rights and freedom of other persons,” portions of the letter read.

“That the proposed time of 12 midnight for closure may compromise security which may lead to violence, endanger public defence, pubic order, public safety, public health and the running of essential services. Therefore, in the interest of Public Order, Public Safety and the Running of Essential Services, the Command requests you to relocate the destination for the picketing to the Independence Square,” the Police further explained. The Command assured the conveners of “continuous commitment to maintain Iaw and order for the intended public protest within the mandate of the Ghana Police Service.”

By: Gertrude Ankah

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