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I don’t blame anyone but myself for my problems – Funny Face

Funny Face

Popular Ghanaian comedian and actor, Funny Face says he takes full responsibility for all the troubles that have befallen him in recent years. In a recent interview with Kofi TV, Funny Face, who is on GH¢120,000 bail, for charges related to careless and inconsiderate driving, as well as two counts of negligently causing harm, owned up to his actions.

“I have caused problems for myself. I understand that there are spiritual aspects to life, but I won’t point fingers or blame anyone else for my situation. It seems that people have grown tired of my actions, and this has led me to a point where I feel that no one will truly understand what I’m going through. I realize that I am the main reason for my problems. I am a man struggling with inner demons,” he admitted.

Funny Face, who gained popularity for his role in the Chorkor Trotro series, recently stated that he is determined to overcome his personal struggles and emerge from the darkness with newfound clarity and purpose. He acknowledged that people may be growing weary of his actions, but he believes that no one truly understands the depth of his struggles.

Irrespective of that, he takes full responsibility of his actions and pleads for forgiveness. He also expressed gratitude to all who offered support, particularly thanking Ghanaians for their warmth and assistance during his time of need. He attributed his resilience to divine guidance, emphasizing the importance of relying on a higher power to navigate life’s challenges.

“Not everyone can survive what I’ve been through in all the stages of my life. Now, I feel down but I don’t feel all is lost. I’ve advised and encouraged myself of happenings in my life. In life, you can’t always be too careful unless you have the backing of God. “That is why I always have this popular saying, ‘Gye Nyame’. Until God permits it, some things can never happen.  So in this life, it’s all about God.

“But now I feel like a new person who is taking life seriously now.. To God be the glory, I will be 43 years old this year. I can say I used 42 years for playing. I have built properties with my hands and it’s the same way I’ve destroyed many things with my hands. I have offended so many people including my friends and I take full responsibility for my actions,” he said. As a way of announcing his new beginning, Funny Face said he has gone to wash himself at the sea, hoping to leave behind his past and start afresh.

By: Jessica Love Otoo

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