Men want me but I turn them down because of God’s work

For her age, most women will jump at the least opportunity to get married but such a situation seems far from the list of priorities for gospel musician, Diana Asamoah. Though she is in her 50s and has never been married and right for anyone to assume she is yearning to be Mrs, Diana has revealed that she is the cause of her single status all these years.

According to her, she intentionally turns down marriage proposals from numerous suitors to avoid being distracted from God’s work. In a recent interview on Okay FM and monitored by Graphic Showbiz, the Mabo Wo Din singer said she firmly believes in aligning her priorities with her divine calling – serving God and dedicating herself to ministry.

“Men express their interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with me. There are many of them but I have chosen to decline them because my dedication lies squarely within my full-time ministry. “I believe when the time is right to open my doors to romantic relationships, I will do so,” she noted.

With a well-defined popularity on the gospel music scene with songs such as Anopa Wim, Munumkum, and Tetelesta, Diana emphasised the profound impact her ministry holds in her life stressing that she would not trade that for anything. She stated, “for me, politics and other aspects of my life must not get the same attention and focus I give to serving God. They receive considerably less attention compared to my spiritual work and I am fully committed to that and nothing can change that now.”

By: Edith Mensah

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