Homosexuality is ‘evil’, it’s a threat to Ghana – Clergy descend on EU over LGBTQI


The Concerned Clergy Association of Ghana has said the support of the European Union in Ghana for the LGBTQI community in Ghana is an evil attempt to legalise a practise that threatens the youth and the family system of the country, adding that it is the promotion of evil under the guise of protecting their human rights.

In a statement signed by the President of the association, Benny Wood, the opening of an office for the LGBTQI community with the active support of the European Union and the Union’s pledge continues to support the activities of the community is an infringement of the laws of the country and should not be countenanced.

“The EU has no right to interfere or try to change our laws and foster on us a practice that is against our existence as a people. They must be told that we are no more in the era of the Master-Servant relationship, we in Africa may not have the kinds of leaders we desire yet but we the people are very much alive to our God and beliefs as a people.

It is surprising that in the midst of a Global pandemic this is what the EU sees as a priority to be promoting,” the statement read in part.

Last week the European Union in Ghana supported the LGBTQI community to open an office in Ghana, sparking massive criticism by Ghanaians, especially those on social media.

Homosexuality and issues concerning the LGBTQI community in Ghana always emotions especially among Christians and Muslims who mince no words in condemning persons seen to be in support of them.

Source: My News GH

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