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It is a common sight to see older men dating younger women. This is often attributed to the belief that older men prefer younger women in order to relive their own youth. Others suggest that older men may be going through a midlife crisis and seek out younger partners to feel rejuvenated. Below are some reasons why men tend to date younger women.

The carefree approach in life: Older men prefer to be with younger women because the latter has a fresh, unique and more carefree attitude towards life that can make men feel less stressed or anxious. As men get older, they have to deal with a number of problems and amidst that, if they feel light-hearted with youthful banter, then so be it.

They don’t want to be called out: When people get older, they become much more assertive, straightforward and blunt, without a care in the world. Older women date younger women because the latter won’t usually call them out for their habits, as compared to what older women generally do. Older men do not want to be confronted with their issues.

Reminder of youth: As time passes, everyone wants to feel younger. Even though one’s age or health may portray otherwise, people look for things that can make them feel young. So, older men love to be with young women who are full of life, so that they can once again taste the sweetness of youthfulness.

Building connection: In general, young women tend to prioritize building strong connections alongside their careers, while young men tend to focus on making their life’s purpose significant. As men get older, they eventually realize the importance of focusing on their family and building connections more often. It is during this phase that young women and older men often find a level of similarity that attracts them to each other.

Sexual intimacy: Older men are convinced that younger women are amazing in bed. They feel these women would be able to enjoy sex wholeheartedly, with the additional bonus of greater flexibility and spontaneity, as compared to older women.


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