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Kwahu: MUSEC orders closure of schools over shooting incident


The Kwahu South Municipal Security Council (MUSEC) has ordered the closure of schools in Kwahu-Bepong following a shooting incident on Sunday, February 4, which resulted in the death of two people with several others sustaining gunshot wounds. The two were reported dead after they were allegedly hit by stray bullets fired by the police during a confrontation to disperse a ruthless crowd in the Kwahu South Municipality of the Eastern Region.

Meanwhile, 25 people have so far been arrested by the police and there is still a heavy police presence patrolling the town. The youth have already abandoned the town for fear of being picked up by the police who are combing every corner. The Kwahu South Municipal Chief Executive, Emmanuel Ofori Attah, explained that the decision to close down all schools is to help prevent reprisal attacks and safeguard school-going children in the area.

“What you heard is true. I decided with my Education Director. The incident happened yesterday [Sunday] and it won’t be advisable for children to go to school. The basic school students won’t be going to school including the Day students at the Senior High. However, those in the boarding house will remain on campus till the case is settled.”

The MCE, who condemned the unfortunate incident said MUSEC is meeting to find lasting solutions to the disturbance and tension which currently persist in the area. “We are going to meet as leaders so by noon, everything will be fine. A victim who sustained gunshot wounds and has been treated and discharged also shared her ordeal with the media.

“I was standing in front of our shop while they were firing the guns and it affected my hand. They were initially firing the gun towards the ground but later started firing in the direction of the people. There were five that were sent to the hospital and one passed away. The remaining ones are in the hospital currently. I only witnessed the death of one person so I’m unaware of the other person.”

He advised residents to always comply with police instructions during emergencies while calling on the police to prioritize professional conduct and explore alternative crowd control methods to minimize harm.

By: Neil Nii Kanarku

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