Award-winning gospel musician, Piesie Esther has stated that she sees nothing wrong with Nacee sharing condoms at his upcoming music concert. This follows the renowned Ghanaian gospel singer, Nacee’s intention to share condoms at his upcoming Kavod concert scheduled for the National Theatre on Sunday, November 26, 2023.

The concert has Total Family Health Organization, producer of Ebony Condoms as a sponsor.

Speaking on Starr Chat with Bola Ray Thursday, madam Piesie Esther stated probably Nacee wants to share the condom to couples and not the youth since some couples use it.  “That is Nacee, but I cannot sit here and say there is something wrong with it. But it is Nacee who wants to do that and everybody has his motive. Couples also use condoms so maybe Nacee want to share for couples and not the other way round.

“Like I said, maybe Nacee will share it for couples. In fact, I have not thought of sharing condoms so maybe I have to think about it well,” Madam Piesie stated. However, Nacee has explained that money is a major requirement in promoting the Kingdom business therefore having a sponsor at his event will help the company to promote its products.

“Having such a sponsor at the event helps promote the company’s products to make a profit so that employees and employers can pay their tithes in church. Also, although it is vital to promote the Kingdom of God, money is one of the major requirements to help push the agenda, and so, no matter the business one is engaged in, God accepts their tithes. “At the end of the day, we need money to push the kingdom. We buy Bibles,” he said.

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