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Man loses genitals in fight over woman


A violent altercation over a woman has left a 25-year-old man hospitalised after his genitals were severed in a gruesome attack. The incident which left Martin Onyait severely wounded in his nether regions occurred in Ogongora Village, Amuria District in Uganda, has shocked the community.

The alleged assailant, Paul Onyala, reportedly attacked Onyait on Tuesday evening in a brawl for the affections of Angela Apila, the Monitor reports. Local leader Julius Otim shared that Onyait was discovered naked and unconscious in a pool of blood before being rushed to Soroti Regional Referral Hospital.

At the hospital, Onyait is currently receiving medical attention from at least seven doctors who are addressing severe wounds, including those on his face and neck. Otim, who was notified of the incident by Onyait’s father Yuventino Opio, expressed the severity of the injuries sustained.

“He sustained a bad injury on his manhood and was bleeding badly. Even the scrotum was oozing blood,” Otim remarked. Onyait’s wife, Mary Abuko, claimed she did not know of her husband’s involvement in any infidelity. She asserted that her husband had stayed home for the entire day and only left upon receiving a call from his father.

Additionally, Abuko accused the suspect, Paul Onyala, of fleeing with her husband’s clothes and a sum of Shs500,000. The Soroti Regional Referral Hospital Director, Dr. Ben Watmon, stated that he would comment on the matter after receiving a detailed report on the victim’s health condition.

East Kyoga regional police spokesperson John Tukei indicated that he had not yet received information about the incident when asked for a brief on the case.

Source: Graphic Online

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