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A counselor has submitted that wives who spend unnecessary time in church at the expense of their homes portray Christianity in the negative light.

Rev. Mrs. Catherine Onwioduokit said on Joy FM’s Home Affairs programme that these women who abandon their homes and duties and instead spend all their time church, create a disillusionment about who God is and what pleases Him.

“You make Christianity unattractive,” she said in a discussion titled ‘the Church and the Home’.

She believes that attitude only contributes in discouraging others; especially the children of these wives, who may be victims of the neglect, from taking the faith seriously.

“Your testimony cannot be the reason why another person will not take Christ seriously,” she stressed.

Rev. Onwioduokit, popularly known as Mama Cathy also stressed that all those undue hours spent in church “is an error of the highest order’.

She placed the responsibility of handling such issues at the feet of the church leadership.

Rev. Onwioduokit said the leaders of churches must bring such women to order or conscientize them to draw a fine balance between their duties as wives and members.

She was of the opinion that wisdom ought to be applied in drawing the boundary between both church and home duties.

Rev. Onwioduokit was joined by other guests such as Uncle Ebo Whyte and Apostle Emmanuel Nkum, Head of the Radiant Place Church in discussing the sensitive subject.

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