In a surprising trend, some women in Ghana are using white toothpaste as an aphrodisiac and vagina-tightening agent, despite warnings from medical professionals about its potential risks. The practice has gained popularity among aphrodisiac and waist beads vendors in the Accra Central Market, who claim that applying white toothpaste to the vagina and washing it off a few minutes before sex can trigger a long-lasting sexual experience.

Waist beads vendor Obaa Aku confidently explained that white toothpaste was a better option than lemons as a cleanser for the armpit, beneath the breast, ears, thighs and the anal region. She believed that many women do not properly cleanse the anal area, and suggested that using a specialized wash would help them feel clean. Another vendor, Sister Ataa, said she was 52 years old but still enjoyed having sex. So, she was always on the lookout for new ways to spice up her sex life and found the toothpaste sensation pleasurable.

Reacting to this trend, an Obstetrician Gynecologist at the Shape Healthcare Specialist Medical Centre in Accra, Dr Promise E. Sefogah, cautioned against the use of white toothpaste as an aphrodisiac and vagina tightened. He said such habits could heighten the chances of infertility in women and distract the vaginal area, leading to other infections. Dr Sefogah confirmed to The Mirror that the toothpaste sensation was not new to Ghanaian women, stating that it has been an old practice even in other parts of the world.

“This practice has been an old practice even in other parts of the world, despite the dangers associated with the practice. Some recent research stated that about 30 per cent of women were using toothpaste to douche and so this is not only new in Accra,” he added.

He noted that many women not only use toothpaste but also perfume, antiseptic or yoghurt, disturbing the acidic nature of their private parts. Dr Sefogah emphasised the potential risks and adverse effects of using toothpaste and other items, citing possible irritation, disturbance in the acidic base balance of the vagina and the development of infections that could lead to infertility and ectopic pregnancy.

He explained that a disturbance in the acidic base balance of the vagina would contribute to an overgrowth of bacteria in that region, leading to infections. “These infections could enter the cervix and then the womb, potentially damaging the tubes and leading to infertility,” he added.

Some vendors of toothpaste said they were not aware of the practice, stating that all they knew was that toothpaste was used to clean teeth and enrich dental hygiene. Those who knew of it mentioned a particular brand of toothpaste as one of the main products used for douching.

By: Lydia Ezit

Benjamin Mensah

By Benjamin Mensah

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