Signs that show you are not yet ready for a new relationship.


Most of us want to be in a steady relationship full of love, excitement, trust, and satisfaction. After all, sharing a life with someone we love is fulfilling and charming in its own way. However, sometimes, we tend to look for a relationship to get over the bad experiences and trauma of a previous one. This should not be done at all since it could harm you even more. For more clarity about this, here are 7 signs you should stay single, even if you want a relationship.

You are still thinking about your last relationship

If you compare every guy to the last one or still stalk him on social media and you fume all over when you see him with another girl, you need to get over it before you start dating a new guy.

You are not comfortable being alone

For some people, loneliness is one of the hardest emotions to manage. They start looking for a relationship in such a case. But the more relevant need is learning how not to be lonely when alone. Get comfortable with being alone and your future relationships will reap the benefits.

You have lost yourself

Some people define themselves by who they are with. They adopt their lover’s interests and always think of themselves as a couple. If you have lost who you are in the world of relationships, it’s time to find yourself again by staying single for some time.

Your baggage feels heavy

If you notice that your baggage from your last relationship is still affecting you, it may be time to be alone for a bit. For example, if you were cheated on and now you can’t get over the idea that everyone will cheat on you, it’s time to take a break and work on those issues.

​You don’t put yourself first

If you settle for less in all aspects of your life and you don’t put yourself first, stay single to take time to get to know yourself better. Don’t jump into a relationship because you think it’s what you need to do or it’s what everyone else wants for you.

You isolate yourself more than you make plans

If you are spending way too much time with your lonesome self, start hanging out with friends and family. You don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend to have fun and to form close connections with someone. Stop spending so much time by yourself and call up old friends.

You feel like you need a significant other to complete you

You do not need someone else to validate you or make you feel whole. Love yourself and take care of yourself, by yourself. Learn how to be independent and love your life while staying single.

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