Ghana Gas has no hand in current power challenges – Owusu Bempah

The Communications Director of the Ghana National Gas Company, Ernest Owusu Bempah says the company has no hand in the intermittent power outages being experienced in parts of the country.

He said Ghana Gas has consistently delivered on its mandate to supply gas to the country’s gas-powered plants to produce energy.

“People are mentioning Ghana Gas in this, but Ghana Gas has nothing to do with what is going on. It is just an activity of maintenance going on within the GRIDCo end of the value change. Gas is flowing consistently for power production. We are doing more than enough for power generation, and we’ve done a lot to make sure that power is stable in the country from our end of activities,” he said.

EFO'S COUTORE [0548951247]
EFO’S COUTORE [0548951247]
Speaking at a press conference in Takoradi to announce Ghana Gas’ upcoming Turn-a-Page Literacy project, Mr. Owusu Bempah described as false some recent publications that claimed that compressors belonging to Ghana Gas were not functioning hence affecting the supply of gas.

He said all the compressors were fully operating and supplies of adequate volumes of gas were being done as expected.

“Recently there was some press statement issued in connection with a compressor at Ghana Gas. It is not true. All our compressors are functioning, and we are working to make sure that we give Volta River Authority (VRA) the necessary gas for power production and all the Karpower projects that we have,” he added.

“We will be doing what we can consistently to produce gas for power generation.”

He further discredited claims that Ghana is back into the dreaded times of frequent power outages popularly known as ‘dumsor,’ adding that the ongoing maintenance work on GRIDCo’s transmission lines will ensure efficiency in the process.

“Ghana Gas already has an efficient maintenance culture for our machines and this is what GRIDCo and ECG are also doing to make sure that there is efficient power production in the coming years. There is nothing going on like dumsor,” he stressed.

Ghana Gas’ Turn-a-Page Literacy project seeks to promote reading and writing among students.

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