Galamsey fight: Central Regional Minister justifies burning of excavators

The Central Regional Minister, Marigold Assan says the presence of the military in the Region has yielded great outcomes, as it has discouraged unlawful diggers from taking part in galamsey.

She demonstrated that individuals rush to reprimand the public authority for the consuming of the held onto backhoes however have deliberately ignored those annihilating waterway bodies with their criminal operations.

The Minister was addressing the media during a day’s visit through some illicit mining locales in the Upper Dankyira East and West Municipalities of the Central Region.

Illicit mining exercises have annihilated significant water bodies in the country. Any semblance of River Pra and Offin situated in Twifo Praso and Dunkwa-On-Offin separately among others in the Central Region have antagonistically been influenced by the training.

The Central Regional Minister said “we rush to fault the public authority when earthmovers are being singed, however, we are not battling the individuals who are annihilating the water bodies. What number of organizations or radio broadcasts are battling those individuals who are annihilating the water bodies?”

She was hopeful the mining hardware would discover their way back to the stream bodies on the off chance that they were not annihilated.

“We don’t need a circumstance whereby the earthmovers would discover their way back into the stream so the most ideal approach is to annihilate them.”

Madam Marigold Assan said her outfit plans to confront culprits “boot for boot” to keep away from the annihilation of water bodies and farmlands, thus, the foundation of a task force to help battle the threat.

The acting President of the Dankyira Traditional Area, Odeefuo Oduro Akenten additionally recognized the threats related to illicit mining exercises and along these lines moved specialists to handle the danger from the source, which he asserts is Ashanti Region.

“We are likewise stressed over the galamsey exercises. Truth be told, galamsey has obliterated the River Offin which used to give us fish. We have declared that nobody ought to eat fish from the Offin River. The wellspring of the River is from the Ashanti Region where unlawful mining is likewise going on so tackle the battle from that point.”

“The unlawful excavators are not just here, they are additionally in Ashanti. We the bosses are additionally putting forth a valiant effort, and we will help the public authority in the battle,” Odeefuo Oduro Akenten guaranteed.

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