Five Signs That Shows God Is Warning You Not To Date Or Be In A Relationship With Someone

In the past, I have heard several people ask me the question on how they can tell if God is Warning them to steer clear off a relationship.

In recent times, some persons have even approached me to help them enquire from God if their current relationship is acceptable to God or not.

These are honorable steps everyone should take. But, it is actually more honorable to know how to detect these things for yourself without anyone’s interference.

So, today you will be learning how to detect different signs that God is Warning you not to date someone.

  1. When you find out that you are always feeling unsafe whenever you’re with the person, for reasons you’re not even aware of. Then God is trying to tell you that you won’t enjoy such relationship because such a person isn’t right for you.

In most cases, when you disregard this warning, you will always end up regretting it.

  1. If he (God) shows you what the persons has actually hidden from you.

Now, The truth is that you shouldn’t hide anything from each other irregardless of what it may be. But, peradventure he or she hides something from you but, God reveals it to you through an unexpected means, then God is obviously telling you that the person won’t be faithful and you shouldn’t date him or her.

  1. If every sermon preached, seems to be pointing at the person negatively, then you should avoid dating such person.

This is because dating such a person after all have been told about the person, could actually leave you in total regret.

So, when you notice this, God is Warning you to desist from dating such a person.

4.If you have a nagging sense in you that the person is not good enough for you, God could be warning you to stay away for that person.

  1. If God reveals clear passages of scripture that would lead you away from this person, God is Warning you to stay away from such a person.

Basically, these are the basic ways God warns us to stay away from the wrong spouse.

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