Body odour kills intimacy – Husbands who neglect grooming told

The First Lady of the Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry (CEM), Rev. Mrs. Jane Mensah, has encouraged husbands not to compromise on personal hygiene when it comes to the matters of intimacy.

Rev. Mrs Mensah, popularly known as Mama Jane said on Joy FM’s Home Affairs programme that just as wives are expected not to compromise on their physical appearances, men must as well begin to put in equal efforts.

This according to her is important because among other things “body odour kills intimacy”.

She was addressing concerns of a distraught wife who had tried to get her husband to find a lasting solution to his bad breath to no avail.

According to the woman who sent her dilemma to the Home Affairs show, the husband has refused to see reason and would not make any efforts.

In her submission, Mama Jane revealed that, the attitude of this husband could also have an underlying factor.

“Sometimes it boils down to seething disrespect”, she stated. She was of the opinion that such a man or any other person with such an attitude towards personal grooming and hygiene, is simply “beginning to take the relationship for granted.

“You’re beginning to take your spouse for granted, you don’t really care how he or she feels,” she added.

Ultimately, she encourages the men to pay attention to smelling good, looking nice etc, as “you can have a fantastic love life if you groom yourself nicely.”

SourceDaniella Adu Asare 

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