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Cedi bouquets hampers Illegal, stop it – Bank of Ghana

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The Bank of Ghana has warned the general public to stop using cedi banknotes as bouquets and hampers when gifting people. It said the currency was issued to be used as a medium of exchange for the purchase of goods and services.

The Director of the Currency Department at the central bank, Mr. Dominic Owusu, told journalists today (Thursday, March 30, 2023) that any other use of the currency was illegal and subject to prosecution. He said the bank had noticed that some people were using the cedi notes as bouquets and hampers as gifts during weddings, birthdays and other celebrations, a practice he said must be stopped.

He said beyond being illegal, such acts made it easier for the notes to spoil or get defaced. Given that spoilt and worn-out notes are replaced at a cost, he said such acts affected the operations of the central bank. Mr Owusu was speaking to journalists on how to preserve the currency as part of events marking Ghana month in March. He said the local currency was a great symbol of the country and efforts to preserve its quality and cleanliness must be prioritised by all.

By: Maxwell Akalaare Adombila

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