Angry Agalga storms out of hearing over Atta Akyea’s posture

The Vice Chairman of the special parliamentary committee probing the leaked tape on the plot to remove the Inspector General of Police, James Agalga on Monday fumed at the chairman of the committee Samuel Atta Akyea over his posture during the proceedings.

According to sources at the committee, Mr Agalga walked out angrily after his suggestion to the chairman to stay within the terms of reference of the committee was brushed off by Mr Atta Akyea. “Mr Chairman you can’t treat me like that, if you don’t want me on the committee I will leave it for you,” the lawmaker is reported to have said.

Sources say it took another member of the committee Mr Eric Opoku to persuade him to come back to assume his seat after which he did. Also at the hearing today, the chairman prevented members of the Police Management Board from sitting through the committee to support the IGP.

The committee is probing the tape in which three senior police officers and a politician were heard plotting the removal of the IGP because he will not allow rigging in the 2024 polls.

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