8 common makeup mistakes that are ageing you, according to makeup artistes

In the quest for timeless beauty, makeup serves as a powerful tool, capable of accentuating one’s features and enhancing self-confidence. However, even the most skilled makeup enthusiasts might inadvertently fall into the trap of making certain cosmetic blunders that can unintentionally age their appearance. With insights straight from the experts who wield brushes like magic wands, we delve into the world of makeup faux pas that could be robbing you of your youthful allure.

  • Applying Concealer Directly Under Your Eyes

When it comes to choosing an under-eye concealer, it’s important to apply it carefully, Tomchenko recommends. “The shade should either match your skin tone or be slightly lighter,” she says. “You should only apply concealer to the line where your dark circle starts, as applying concealer on the bags under your eyes or on wrinkles will make you appear older.” She says to use your finger to apply the concealer as the warmth of your finger will help the cream melt and blend well. “Using a brush is not recommended as it may not work well with products that contain wax, since it melts only in warmth,” she continues. “Additionally, adding too much powder can also make you look older.”

  • Creating a Clear Edge On Your Eyebrows

If you are under 35 years old and have eyebrow hair, Tomchenko says to style your eyebrows with wax. “You can add a slightly brighter colour from the middle to the tail of your eyebrows. For those over 40, it’s recommended to create softly blended eyebrows without any graphic or clear lines. The shape should be defined without a bright border.”

  • Applying Black Pencil To The Lower Waterline 

Simply put: a black pencil on the lower waterline can create the illusion of smaller eyes, emphasizing under-eye bags and wrinkles. “When it comes to applying eyeliner on the upper eyelid, it’s recommended to follow the same guidelines as for eyebrows,” Tomchenko says. “Women over 35 do not need graphic makeup, and the line should be soft. I recommend using gray or brown colour, and a soft pencil like kohl can be used to stretch out a line. You can blend it while the pencil is fresh or use a slightly dampened angled brush dipped in concealer to help achieve a soft mini-wing.”

  • Not Prepping Skin Before Foundation

Dry skin tends to have smaller pores (to even no pores) because it has much smaller oil glands, Wright explains. This skin type lacks a proper amount of oil, while dehydrated skin lacks water. She recommends four steps to include in your routine for dry skin to keep it moisturized. Doing so will make your makeup last longer and look less patchy (which can add years to your look).

Firstly, she says to exfoliate dead and dry skin, as this will help your hydrating products penetrate the skin. Next, she recommends applying products that have water-binding and attracting ingredients like jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, glycerin, lactic acid, and lanolin.

She also points out that taking collagen supplements that are hydrolysed when the skin becomes dehydrated can do wonders for your skin and any makeup applied afterwards. The body will pull from the collagen supply, she notes as collagen is what keeps our skin looking firm and tight.

  • Applying The Wrong Lipstick Color For Your Skin Tone

One common error made when to comes to lipstick, Brice says, is “choosing the wrong shade of lipstick.” It’s important, she recommends, to “not only look at how it interacts with your skin tone, but also with the colour of your teeth.” Certain shades that are yellow-based or red-based without any blue or purple tint can “make teeth look more yellow, which is a sign of ageing,” she adds. Picking a colour for your pout that is “very contrasting with skin tone” can make someone look older, she goes on.

“For fair-skinned people, this is dark or bright colours,” Brice notes, and for “dark-complected people, light colours.” The greater the contrast between the “lip colour and the skin,” she points out, the “more apparent wrinkles around the mouth area will be.”

  • Choosing A Matte Lipstick Over A Hydrating One

Another way you could accidentally make your look seem older is to use a lip product that’s “super drying,” Brice says. “Our skin naturally produces less moisture as we age,” she reiterates, and using something like a “matte liquid lipstick could exaggerate texture, especially if you end up with your lips flaking.”

This, she stresses, is a “great reason to make sure you’re including your lips in your skincare routine as well,” and frequently exfoliating with a scrub, and ultimately ensuring they’re “properly moisturized” at all times.

  • Overdoing Sparkly Eyeshadow

Brice and McGill both note that ultra-glistening or shimmering eyeshadows can often draw even more attention to wrinkles, even if this isn’t the intention. “Sometimes sparkles and dark colours can make lines and wrinkles more drastic, so I tell people to proceed with caution when using those,” Brice adds. McGill concurs, and says that “glittery or shimmery eye shadows really settle into the wrinkles and draw attention to them.” Instead, she recommends “choosing a matte eyeshadow.”

  • Not Washing Your Makeup Brushes

The way you apply your favourite makeup products matters, as well as the tools you use daily. Brice explains that not washing your brushes enough can lead to breakouts, clogged pores, and patchy-looking, uneven foundation.

Of course, this would then make fine lines and sagging skin more obvious. “Another error boils down to hygiene,” she says. “I think so many of us are guilty of not washing our brushes as often as we should.” Brice concludes that “applying with our fingers can be a mistake if we don’t first wash our hands.” This can cause breakouts, she emphasizes, or even infection.

“Using dirty materials to apply your foundation is a major mistake,” Brice stresses, whether that’s your fingers, brushes, sponges, etc. “If you’re breaking out and not using good hygiene and clean practices to apply your makeup, that could be why,” she advises.


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