We need more resources to fight pirates’ attack- Ghana Navy

The Ghana naval force seems disabled in warding off privateers assault. Albeit this is the first run through Ghana is said to have encountered privateers assault on its regional waters, the expense of warding off these assaults on the off chance that they become ceaseless is something the nation will most likely be unable to deal with.

In the early long stretches of Thursday, a Ghanaian fish fishing vessel, Atlantic Princess was assaulted on Ghana’s waters, south of Tema whiles the privateers captured five team individuals, every single far off the public. Talking solely to Alfred Ocansey on the 3FM’s Sunrise Morning Show, Naval Captain Bright Atiayao who is the Director of Navy Operations noticed the vessel which was assaulted is ailing back to Tema however the privateers’ rowboat boat utilized for the tasks and the privateers have not been found at this point.

As indicated by him, the activities endured 6 hours and a salvage search has started. ” We are consistently out there is only that we are at one side and something is going on at the opposite side which is the reason we need data in genuine fast an ideal opportunity to react. The lone issue yesterday was that they didn’t call early. We have gear that posts to the ocean”.

The privateers’ dinghy boat is supposed to be quicker. ” We have some limit just that it very well may be improved. Maritime boats by and large have the speed that they work with, they don’t move however quick as airplane so the Ghana Airforce seemed to be there to help. Our lone impediments are that we need a greater amount of the stage which the current government is working nonstop to give us so we are skilled however we just need more to be there constantly”.

By Richard Bright Addo II 3news.com

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