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Three EC officials interdicted over missing Laptops


Three officials of the Electoral Commission (EC) have been interdicted over the alleged theft of some Laptops used for the Biometric Verification Registration. The suspects have been handed over to the police for further investigations. Dr Serebour Quaicoe, the Director of Electoral Services at the EC, revealed this information while updating on the case of the missing devices.

He stressed that transferring the suspects to the police is a vital step in enabling comprehensive investigations into the incident. Dr Quaicoe reaffirmed the Commission’s dedication to ensuring justice is upheld and that those guilty of stealing state assets face suitable penalties.

“What I can say on authority is that we lost one BVD in North Tongu and what happened was that we normally package these things in ballot boxes. You put your systems and you seal. In the course of transporting, we got there, they couldn’t transport the ballot boxes.” “So we reported to the police. We have lost this and these are the suspects so investigate and let them go through the legal regime.

“Whatever has to be done should be done. They have been interdicted they are now going through the investigations. So, the police I am told that they will be arraigned before court soon,” he explained in an interview on Joy FM.

The NDC has consistently stated that five biometric verification devices have been stolen from the custody of the EC but the EC has maintained that only five laptops used for the biometric verification registration are missing.

By: Akosua Otchere

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