There’s no Protocol deployment at NSS – Gifty Oware Aboagye

The Deputy Executive Director at the National Service Secretariat, Gifty Oware Aboagye, has dismissed allegations that some graduates are deployed for national service not on merit but on a protocol basis.

Speaking on the Morning Starr on Monday, the acting NSS Boss explained that claims that some selected graduates are deployed on a protocol basis are untrue adding that the process for deployment makes it difficult for any graduate to be favored.

She also revealed that it is a crime for any NSS staff to demand money for reposting insisting that reposting is free.

“Reposting is not a crime. You can come to NSS and you’ll be reposted if you’re posted to a place but the company says you can’t work there. Reposting is not just free, it’s extremely free. Just walk into our office and get reposted. It’s the duty of my staff to get people reposted.”

Gifty Oware Aboagaye also added that service personnel is not likely to see an increment in their allowance this year but hopefully the allowance will be increased in 2022.

“The budget has been read, the mid-year budget has been read and there was no increment s I don’t think there’ll be an increment in NSS allowance. Every year as NSS boss, I make a case for an increment of allowance. As NSS boss, I lose nothing if national service personnel is paid GHC1,000.”

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