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Stop harassing businesses over tax – Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia warns GRA


Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has criticized the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) for harassing businesses in their efforts to collect tax revenue. He explained that this was due to the unrealistic targets set by the GRA for their tax compliance officers every month.  

”So you say today that this is your tax target for this month, then I am trying to figure out where do I go? then for them, it is very easy, you go back to where you got it the last time. You go to the taxpayers, the people who are already paying tax and then you have to come out with a new reason why they have to pay more so you come out with all manner of stuff,” 

During an engagement with the Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Accra on Wednesday, March 2024, Dr. Bawumia expressed concern about a particular issue. The move is abreast himself with pertinent concerns of the chamber to be factored into his manifesto and policy decision. The Vice President also blamed the narrowness of the tax base as the reason behind the challenges.

  “There are lots of hardworking people there, they are my friends, but I am saying that the targets that are set by these hardworking officers sometimes are very unrealistic and that leads to harassment of businesses because you have to get something out of them. This why I say prepaying when you haven’t earned one cedi and you have to prepare and so I’ve been looking at this very seriously and we are going to change the system,” Dr. Bawumia stated.

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