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Residents of Senya Bereku clashed with military over a disputed piece of land.

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Some residents and chiefs of Senya Bereku in the Central region clashed with some Military officers from the Ghana Armed Forces over a land dispute. Citi News sources say the Gomoa Fetteh Traditional Council and the Senya Bereku Traditional Council have a long-standing dispute over one hundred acres of land which the Gomoa Fetteh Traditional Council is giving out to the Military.

The Senya Traditional Council in other to prevent the land from being given out to the Military beseiged the said piece of land obstructing the ceremony to officially hand over the land to the Military and threatening mayhem if the authorities at Gomoa Fetteh hand over the land to the Military. According to Nai Kwaku Kormittey the Acting Chief of Senya Bereku, they will resist any attempt to hand over their land to the Military.

“The Fetteh people approached us and we spoke to them about the said piece of land. We informed our lawyers about the move for advice but before we realised the military had entered the piece of land working. We heard that they were coming here to perform an official ceremony to hand over the land to their officer so we besieged the land. “We want to tell the President of the state to look into the matter. An estate developer gave them a piece of land close to our land but they have sold it and now trying to approach our land. We won’t agree”Nai Kormittey said.

By: Calvis Tetteh

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