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It is time to reshuffle appointees – NPP Gen Sec Justin Kodua Frimpong to presidency

Npp Gen Sec Justin Kodua Frimpong

Before taking office as the General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Justin Kodua Frimpong was seen to be mild as he was always not the talking type. After surprisingly uprooting incumbent John Boadu as General Secretary with his submarine campaign tactics, Justin Kodua Frimpong has been measured in his political discourses and was yet to be faulted when it comes to pugilist politicking.

One thing that defines him is his ability to stamp his authority to ensure that there was greater discipline in the NPP. Outside the NPP, other political parties are struggling to come to terms with how Mr Kodua does his politics because he speaks less yet he gets things done. At the Thanksgiving Service of the NPP last Friday, December 22, 2023, at the NPP headquarters in Accra, the General Secretary exhibited what some have described as an act of unprecedented courage.

Mr. Kodua Frimpong spoke the minds of NPP members, supporters and Ghanaians in general, with the call on government appointees who are tired to leave office and allow others to take over quietly. Mentioning various positions such as ministers, CEOs, deputy ministers, and metro, municipal and district chief executives, he asked those who were tired and had been waiting for a reshuffle, which was not forthcoming, to quietly resign from their positions so the party can look for stronger hands to take over. He was empathetic that reshuffling of the current crop of government appointees would inspire confidence in the government and boost the NPP’s chances of breaking the eight.

It is time to reshuffle appointees – Justin Kodua Frimpong to the presidency

In what was seen as audacious, Mr. Kodua Frimpong directed a message to the appointing authority and asked that the Presidency to consider a reshuffle of appointees saying it was time to introduce new faces to take over from those who are not helping the government. In his spirit of boldness, he revealed that there had been a series of talks and meetings and that it was time for action.

Although the platform was for Thanksgiving, Mr. Frimpong’s position has been acknowledged as telling it as it was. Mr. Kodua Frimpong per his message has set the tone with his bold position. It is time to reshuffle appointees – NPP Gen Sec Justin Kodua Frimpong to the presidency.

By: Enoch Darfah Frimpong

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