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The female body goes through innumerable changes and alterations during a lifetime. From touching puberty to experiencing pregnancy to reaching a state of menopause, women not only have the pleasure of experiencing some of the most beautiful moments, but they have to overcome many physical challenges.

Given that women have both the boon and the bane of carrying a life in their belly, sometimes they may be deprived of this natural process due to certain biological conditions. This is what is called infertility which is prevalent in men too. That said, here are some signs of infertility in women that should not be ignored.

Irregular menstrual cycles

The average menstrual cycle accounts for 28 days. A few days early or later is not a matter of concern and is absolutely normal. However, if your periods are continuously irregular, either delaying or occurring earlier than they should, it may be a sign of an underlying disorder related to ovulating, which means it could be indicative of infertility.

Having no periods at all

For women, who do not have their periods for over 3 months, it is important that you visit your doctor immediately. Having no periods can mean that you’re not ovulating. Ovulation is an integral part of becoming pregnant and if you do not have your periods, it means no ovulation plus lower chances of conception.

Bleeding in between menstrual cycles

Bleeding in women occurs when they are in a state of menstruation. However, if you bleed in between your menstrual cycles or even after intercourse, it could be a sign of a uterine polyp or fibroid, or a cervical lesion, all of which could be indicators of infertility in women.

Pelvic pain and unusually heavy periods

Some women experience painful cramps during the course of their periods. But if your cramps are extremely bad and you experience pain and discomfort throughout the cycle and during intercourse, you can be suffering from Endometriosis. This could cause scarring of pelvic structures, reducing fertility. This condition can also decrease the number of eggs a woman can supply.

If your painful cramps are accompanied by unusually heavy periods, it can be a sign of uterine fibroids which can limit the chances of pregnancy.

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