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A man is a supposed head of a family, a man is not just called a man because he is a male. He is called a man because he acts in a matured manner. A man in a relationship, especially in marriage is supposed to be a leader, a man must be the priest of his home. The implication is that the man must lead his family to God. He must be an exemplary leader in conduct, word and everything. Women, just as a man look for the gains or what they stand to benefit in the woman or from her when they marry, women should and must look out for their interest also.

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Ladies, dangerous men include the following; run when you see such!


  • Men who are mummy’s pets: Men who are mummy’s boys or pets are those men who consent with their mothers to get things done in their lives. These ones are boys! These men will choose their mothers over you any day, anytime. Let us get things straight, it is ok to allow your man to honour his mum, but some men do not know when to draw the line between their mums and women. They don’t know how to draw the lines clearly. So there is a misplaced love, they consult their mothers on what and how to manage their homes, their mothers practically run their homes, blackmail them and all, they are unable to stand their grounds and make their own decisions.


  • Men Who Are Into Friendships: These are some category of men, who are so attached to friends, their friends make their world. Such ones will marry and still expect to do the regular things they do with “boys”. Such men are dangerous. They get married to you and they forget you should be their number one [1] priority. You complain and they will term it as you don’t want them to have friends, you want to control their lives.


  • Men That Are Quarrelsome: Men that are Quarrelsome are very dangerous, a quarrelsome woman is a dangerous woman but a quarrelsome man is deadly. Men like this won’t mind fighting you at the least chance. They often tend to fight with you over trivial issues. Things that should not spark fire would spark a fire for them. Those men tend to be defensive, always looking for an opportunity to roll the problems between you two on you. Trying to clear their conscience and making you the bad one.
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  • Abusive Men: Men who abuse women are deadly men, women must run away from such men. Abusive men can or may abuse you physically, emotionally and psychologically! When you find a man that hurts you or uses negative words on you, belittles you or making you feel less of a human, please run for your life! Such men can make you have low self-esteem, which may take the intervention of God to settle you. Such men are losers! They are full of themselves and do that as it were, to make them feel like men.


  • A Hot Tempered Man:A man that is easily angered or hot-tempered man, you should run away from. Such men are the ones that can get so angry and get violent! They may even end up beating up their woman. Women, you must do all that you can to stay far away from such men, a man that lays his hands on his woman is not a man you can trust with your life.
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  • A Cheat: A man that is a cheat is a recipe for a disaster! When you come in contact with a man that is surrounded by only females, run for your life. Most often than not, a person that does farming or a poultry farm, may onetime eat from the farmland or kill a fowl for tasting. When you realise a man has too many close female friends, who always take the centre stage in your relationship/marriage, kindly exit! If you catch him cheating on you, once, twice, kindly leave.


This person may not change, a man that loves and adores you will not be cheating and always apologising. He always does it, and you forgive and it continues, it’s a death trap, run for your life! Find a man who knows your value and worth and won’t want to hurt you. Ladies, don’t be deceived! There are a lot of good and faithful men out there, not all men are cheats and scums, so take your time to find the right one.


  • Egoistic Men: Men who are egoistic, these men will break you entirely. Such men allow their male ego to lead them in all they do. They always want to prove in all circumstances that, they are the man! Their ego won’t allow them to apologise when they are wrong. Their ego won’t allow them to listen to advice or counsel from their women. Such men when their women or partners are even bold and say “baby, let’s move in together”, get offended because, why should a woman, a common woman show them what to do or give them a place to stay. Meanwhile, you may be married, so in effects, what is yours is his as well, but he won’t understand.


  • Men that lie: Men that are liars too, women please run! These are cheats. They always tell lies to cover up their excesses. They don’t mind the consequence that their lies will bring on their relationship.


  • Selfish Men: These men are self-centred, all they think about is how things will benefit them without looking at the damage or effects it may have on their partner. They put on the “me” attitude.


  • Ungrateful Men: Ungrateful men you must flee, there is nothing you do they appreciate! There are also other men, who don’t listen to counsel. A man who doesn’t fear the Lord or has no regard for Christ or Allah will not appreciate anything you do for them. A man, bible admonishes must love his woman even as Christ loved the church. So if he doesn’t love Christ, how does he love you?

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Find a man that loves and fears the Lord. A prayerful man is an asset! He will secure you spiritually, if the man cannot secure you both physically and spiritually, kindly flee. Runaway from a man that is too serious and takes everything personal. Marry a man you can play with, “fool with”, marry or find a man you can easily relate with and be yourself, it’s worth it than being with a man who takes everything personal.


He doesn’t laugh or smile, this is bad! When you find a man who clearly stated his spec of a woman but takes you on in the name of managing you, sister run! One day when he finds what he wants, he will leave or cheat on you. Once he has specified what he wants, kindly run if you don’t fit. Another dangerous group of men are those who think they have arrived, so no one talks about them, move sister, move!


The list is unending, seek the face of God and open your eyes [watch and pray; Matthew 26:41a] when you need to take a man! Don’t be deceived, don’t buy pressure on yourself, because of age or physical features and money. Look for a man that compliments you, cares, loves, adores and values you. Who sees a future with you and loves you even in your weakness than being with a man who loves you for convenience. God bless and guide us to make the right choices! Never stop hoping to find the right man! Keep the hope fresh and alive!





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