The Ghana Tertiary Education Committee (GTEC) has directed all universities to cease the operation of satellite campuses situated on Senior High School (SHS) premises and other unauthorized locations. This decision stems from GTEC’s assessment of such activities as unlawful, given that these universities are operating beyond their accredited facilities.

In an interview with Citi News, the head of GTEC’s Institutional Accreditation department, Harry Kwame Opoku, stated that following the directive, several universities including the University of Cape Coast, have taken steps to comply by signing a memorandum of understanding to adhere to the order.

“It has come to the attention of the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission that public institutions are operating campuses at the premises of senior high schools, junior high schools, and non-tertiary centres, non-tertiary institutions, the centres of non-tertiary institutions, which we thought was bringing out the quality of education.

“So when this came to our attention we invited the vice-chancellors of these institutions to talk and find a way out of this problem. “So what we did was to give some MoU for the vice-chancellors to come over and sign toward cessation of this activity. So what we have done is that for students who have already been admitted to these centres, they will be sorted out.

“We are going to give them a four-year plan to teach the students. We have directed that these institutions do not admit or do not engage in fresh admission of students. We are also going to conduct an academic audit based on all the expenses.”

By: Sheba Araba Bennin

Benjamin Mensah

By Benjamin Mensah

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