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Prof. Larry Diamond, Democracy Scholar at Hoover Institute and Stanford University, has voiced serious concerns about the controversy surrounding the anti-gay bill recently passed by Ghana’s Parliament. In an interview on The Point of View, on Citi TV,  Prof. Diamond argued that the anti-gay bill is a distraction from poor governance in Ghana. He questioned why a portion of the population supports the bill’s passage. He also questioned the country’s focus on prosecuting a small minority born with traits beyond their control.

“One concern to put it bluntly is the bill parliament has adopted although it’s not transmitted, which I think is a diversion from the real developments of issues facing the country. People have different religious convictions in many ways which is an admirable thing. They have a religious faith that can be resourced, it can be a moral resource if you take it seriously.

“It can be a source of solace and cooperation, but what’s the aim of prosecuting people who were born and all of the psychological research is showing that the sexual identity is determined by genetics inherent at a very young age.” Prof Diamond told host Bernard Avle. The Democracy Scholar described it as morally incorrect for Ghana to harass homosexuals.

“So, picking on people who are gender fluid, lesbians, gays, transgender whatever, what is going to be next? You are going pick on people who are in wheelchairs, who use their left hand to eat, rather than the right hand.

‘It’s not morally right I think to beat up on and bully from the vulnerable minority this way. It can be a very effective tool for this bullying. To divert attention from bad governance and it’s really not what the great religious figures have in mind when they called for tolerance and all of those children being loved.” Prof. Larry Diamond predicted a bleak future for Ghana if the bill becomes law. “This act will be a disaster for Ghana economically if passed into law,” he pointed out.

By: Leticia Osei

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By Benjamin Mensah

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