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According to the Ghana Statistical Service, 70% of men aged 15 to 79 in the country engage in unprotected sex. Dr. Omaima M. Arab, the Medical Director of the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, attributed this alarming trend to myths, peer influence, and misconceptions about condom use. She emphasized that the primary reason for unprotected sex is often pleasure, coupled with misunderstandings about condom efficacy. Some individuals believe condom use implies a lack of trust in their partners. The fear of being discussed or judged also prevents many from purchasing condoms at pharmacies.

During an interview on 3FM on January 31, Dr. Arab warned that a moment of pleasure can cause a lifetime of pain. She emphasized the importance of condoms in preventing not only pregnancy but also the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Despite this, many women tend to neglect family planning methods, relying too heavily on emergency contraception like morning-after pills, which should only be used sparingly.

However, the demand for female condoms is considerably lower than for male condoms, due to societal perceptions that condom use is primarily a male responsibility. Dr. Arab stressed on the importance of mutual decision-making in choosing to use condoms, as they remain the most effective means of preventing STDs. Individuals engaging in unprotected sex face significant risks, including the potential contraction of STDs and HIV. Dr. Arab concluded with a thought-provoking statement: “No woman offers sex for free, and if the woman is actually offering sex for free, then you should think about it and ask why she is doing that, there must be a reason behind it.”

By Joselyn Kafui Nyadzi|3FM

Benjamin Mensah

By Benjamin Mensah

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