“Life is what you make it or life is how you make it”. This is a popular statement we hear often in our daily lives. In Akan, we say “obra ne woara bo”. But let’s just say, it is not always the case. Life has a funny way of dealing with people, let us bear in mind that, we do not determine certain things in life.

There is a “God factor” in all we do. We are not privileged to choose our parents, where we were to be born and so on. All these factors have a lot of roles to play in life. We cannot determine what happens to us in life, you only can make certain decision but life will always have a toll on you. In all these, God is the ultimate decider.

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Not all of us are privy to certain chances and certain privileges in life. But one thing we must always put at the back of our minds is that, in life, the race is not for the swift, neither the battle for the strong, it is only God that gives victory [Ecc 9:11]. You may see people in life, who are blessed to have all the necessities that make life fair.

Others struggle till they even die in their attempt to make things work for them in this life. It’s sometimes through no fault of theirs, let’s take, for instance, a person born into a typical village with no lights, no social amenities, then the person grow from that environment, the person is deeply rooted in this environment and their dealings.

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Maybe the person may not even have had access to education, but someday the person struggles the way through life, gets to the city to make earns meat with the sole aim of making a difference. This person cannot be blamed, life happened.

Not to say that those that are born in these circumstances can’t make it in life, but their background will make it difficult for them. Another instance is a person that is born with a silver spoon in their mouth, gets the opportunity to study in all the best schools, travels around and is comfortable in life, life also happened to this person.

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There is also the other side of life, where one plans the life, marriage, carrier, education, but life happens and things don’t go according to plans. People lose their jobs, marriages and it’s still life that is happening to them all. Life indeed is very unpredictable, so, therefore, let us be careful how we see life and how we deal and relate to people. Before you think of judging someone, before you think of insulting someone with their predicament, seek to find out how they got there.

Do you know there are people who are in prison, but it’s no fault of theirs? Someone probably lied on them and they are paying for something they didn’t do. Do you also know there are broken homes and marriages where the fault is not from the person you are accusing or criticising? When you are privileged to be more educated or successful than someone, learn not to judge or insult them that they are lazy or even useless.

Time and chance happen to everyone. Life is unpredictable, today you are here, and tomorrow you may be gone. Take life easy, life happens and when life hits you that bad, you may end up making decisions that are wrong! But man must survive, you hear people say “I had to sleep with men/women to survive. You at other times hear people say they have to sell on the streets to make life. Please when you see such ones, kindly be nice.

Everyone in life has a problem or what is bothering them.it pays to be nice, you don’t know what people are dealing with or where people have come from or what they came out from, so just try to be nice to everyone you meet. Life may be backlashing the individual, your smile is all that it may take to cheer the person.

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When you meet people that life is happening to, don’t despise them. One day God can and will change their stories. Don’t condemn, you are not in such a position. You get people who say “I don’t want to marry an uneducated person, that’s ok. But sometimes, the question we should ask is, is it their fault?

Did they have the same opportunity as you had? Are they blessed as you? Maybe they lost their parents and had to struggle their way through life. The fact that someone is underprivileged does not mean they shouldn’t be happy or shouldn’t have access to love and good things in life. Let’s be mindful of how we treat people for one day “the charcoal seller’s son will also wear a white shirt without stains”.

Life happens, so let’s be careful, the Lord help us through the changing scenes of life and give us the needed strength and encouragement we need to go through life. Especially when life happens to us in a bad way. That been said, life happens also in good ways. Let’s pray that our God will always hold us and grant us the grace we need to go through life. But no matter what happens in life, regardless of how life happens, let us hold up, times will change. If life does you well, help others and expect nothing back. If it lashes you, keep trusting God, His plans for us are perfect! The story of life will definitely change one day.


God bless us all!


Written by © Benjamin Mensah

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