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One person is confirmed dead following an attack by bees on members of a Roman Catholic Church at Owuoso, a suburb of Asante Agona in the Ashanti Region. The Reverend Father and his congregants were holding the Good Friday Easter Mass when the swarm of bees invaded the auditorium to attack the congregation.

They were subjected to several stings by the bees, halting church service, as members ran helter-skelter to save themselves. Many sustained injuries in the process. The injured were sent to the hospital, where one man was pronounced dead.

Assembly Member of Owuoso Electoral Area, Akwasi Tawiah a.k.a Odorna, explained the incident to AdomNews reporter Amansankyeame. “They were praying and were attacked. Even people who are not part received their portion. Many have been hospitalized and one is confirmed dead”, Akwasi Tawiah explained.
John, a church member who was a witness to the ordeal, also narrated what he observed.

“We were praying and others decided to move out while praying and all of a sudden the bees attacked us while praying”, he said. Though the Church is located in a bush area, what triggered the bees to attack remains unclear to the people. Bee stings can lead to anaphylactic shock and sudden death. Therefore, it is necessary for patients who suffer from being envenomated by a bee sting to be referred to medical centers promptly and receive appropriate treatments to prevent undesirable complications.

By: Emmanuel Owusu Antwi

Benjamin Mensah

By Benjamin Mensah

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