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Health warning issued as Accra’s air quality hits hazardous levels

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The air quality in Accra has deteriorated significantly over the past week, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has confirmed that it is currently at a hazardous level. A tweet from the Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMet) on Monday, February 4, stated that the dust concentration in the atmosphere has led to very unhealthy air quality in Accra.

But despite assurances in the tweet of good news midweek on the back of expectations, the dust level would reduce, subsequently improving the air quality, the latest data from the EPA point otherwise.

The Air Quality Index according to the EPA as at 10:00 am this morning, February 8, was 314, higher than the index of 246 recorded on February 4. The notice adds a health alert, warning of emergency conditions by which the entire nation is likely to be affected.

Source: Ghana/ Kojo


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