The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has assured the general public that it has taken note of the wrongful charging of E-Levy on some electronic transactions following the recent disruptions in internet connectivity in the country. GRA acknowledged that the prevailing internet outage has had an impact on the real-time routing of some electronic transactions by Charging Entities to the Electronic Transfer Levy Management and Assurance System (ELMAS).

The Authority said measures have been put in place to remedy the situation. We therefore wish to assure the public that the following steps have been taken to mitigate these challenges to ensure a seamless E-Levy collection process,” a press release dated March 22 announced.

According to the GRA, the measures include:

  1. Temporary procedures for delayed transactions – During the internet outage, some Charging Entities were unable to route transactions to the ELMAS in real time. As a remedy, GRA has established temporary procedures for processing these “Offline Transactions”. These temporary procedures ensure that E-Levy is charged only on applicable transactions, even if there is a delay due to the internet outage.
  2. Refunding wrongful charges – The GRA recognizes that the outage may have led to some Charging Entities deducting E-Levy for transactions that are ultimately exempt. GRA is working closely with Charging Entities to ensure a smooth and efficient process for handling offline transactions and reimbursing wrongful deductions. Charging Entities shall therefore be responsible for reimbursing customers for any E-Levy charges that were incorrectly applied after GRA completes its processes on refund requests.
  3. Further information and clarification can be sought via mail to



By:  Eric Mensah-Ayettey

Benjamin Mensah

By Benjamin Mensah

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