Free SHS: Koforidua SECTECH gets 350 beds, and 700 sleeping mattresses

The Management of Koforidua Senior High Technical School (SECTECH) on Monday, June 7, 2021, took conveyance of 350 two-layer metal beds and 700 bits of sleeping pads from the Ministry of Education to address the bed emergency in the school.

This follows a viral video taken by an old understudy which featured the peculiar resting state of boarding understudies because of insufficient beds.

The viral video caught understudies dozing on the floor in clogged dorms. Addressing the media, the director of Koforidua SECTECH Ofori Antwi apologized to the public authority for any shame brought about by the viral video which he says was a significant old video that subsequently didn’t reflect completely the present status of the test.

He anyway said the beds and sleeping pads gave have fixed the test the school had with lacking beds.

“allow me to take advantage of this lucky break to most importantly apologize to the country for the negative reportage that the school had for as long as a little while. It is simply deplorable. The video that became famous online was taken someplace in February by one of the old understudies yet the current bed circumstance at the quarters is very not the same as what the video sort to depict”.

“We are appreciative for the speedy reaction we’ve had from the Minister and we guarantee to take awesome consideration of the beds. I have drawn the consideration of the Minister and I have mentioned for absolute redesign to be finished”

The Chief Perfect in Koforidua SECTECH, Benjamin Ampah Dukakis, said the insufficient bed circumstance constrained a few understudies to rest on the floor which was a bad dream to numerous understudies and influenced their scholastic presentation.

“As far as where to rest it was a significant issue and for now we are advantaged to have these beds, I think this will help finance the rate at which understudies had no place to rest. We thank the President, the Education Minister, we will put forth all attempt to keep it in great condition so that could be given to ages to come,” Benjamin Ampah revealed to Starr News.

The New Juaben Municipal Education Director, Victor Degraft Etsison expressed that the intercession is an appearance of the public authority’s obligation to reacting to the necessities of the different public Senior High Schools in the country.

“We thank the Ministry since it will truly mitigate us a great deal. The majority of our schools have their requirements appraisals being offered an explanation to, this is one of the reactions to the school. We know that however much as could be expected government is doing all that it can to help every one of the Senior High Schools everywhere in the country”.

Starr News Eastern Regional Correspondent Kojo Ansah who was in the school Monday reports that the quarters in the school are in a helpless condition and require significant redesign.

Likewise, it was uncovered that the quarters are clogged with at any rate 40 to 50 understudies in a room.

Source: Ghana/ Ansah

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