Excessive intake of caffeine can cause miscarriage – Gynaecologist

A gynaecologist and obstetrician consultant, Dr Promise Emmanuel Sefogah, has revealed that excessive intake of caffeinated coffee during pregnancy increases one’s risk of miscarriage.

Speaking to Emefa Adeti, Host of Prime Morning on Joy Prime, Tuesday, Dr Sefogah said the more one consumes caffeine products, the higher the risk of losing the unborn child.

According to him, high doses of daily caffeine during pregnancy, whether from coffee, tea, caffeinated soda, cause an increased risk of miscarriage.

He explained that, “those who drink caffeinated coffee, it increases your risk of miscarriage. However, if the coffee is decaffeinated, it is slightly less risky than the caffeinated ones, and in that case, the more you consume, the higher the risk.”

The Obstetrician Consultant also debunked claims that the usage of contraceptives can cause stillbirth.

He also said abortion and miscarriage mean the same thing, but society has different meanings to them.

“Society has accepted abortion to mean when someone interferes with the pregnancy whereas the miscarriage is more like when it happens by itself, but they actually mean the same thing. It means that the pregnancy is ended before it is viable,” the gynaecologist indicated.

He also added that diabetes, thyroid diseases, infections, maternal age, uterine abnormalities and hormonal irregularities can also cause early termination of pregnancies.


Source: Andromeda Nazah

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