Christian Council takes on Christ Embassy for flouting COVID-19 protocols


The Christian Council of Ghana has taken on the Christ Embassy church in Accra for flagrantly flouting COVID-19 protocols at an event it organised last Friday.

The event has generated lots of public concern, with the police opening investigations into it.

General Secretary of the Christian Council, Rev. Dr Cyril Fayose, in a Citi News interview, admonished churches not to take the protocols for granted irrespective of their beliefs about the virus.

“This is a case of one bad nut spoiling the whole bunch. The Christian Council member churches and other religious group members all adhere strictly to and observe all the protocols to ensure that we curb this pandemic. But what happened regarding Christ Embassy is not the very best, and we will like to admonish Christ Embassy, every Christian organization, every church and even every religious organization, in fact, all Ghanaians that until we reach herd immunity through vaccination, our only choice of surviving this pandemic is to adhere to the protocols strictly.”

“And we should put aside all our petty disputes and theories and understandings of this issue and listen to what the government is saying and support it and the only way we can do that at this point is strict adherence to the protocol. We cannot behave as if the pandemic is not here with us. What happened in India can happen here as well.”

The Airport City branch of the Christ Embassy Youth church has received widespread condemnation after videos went viral on social media of the programme the church held at the Fantasy Dome last Friday dubbed “Pneumatica Night” where COVID-19 safety protocols were allegedly flouted.

The videos showed a mostly unmasked crowd cheering to ministrations of their similarly unmasked leaders.

Police commence investigation
Meanwhile, the police have commenced investigations into the issue and have subsequently locked up the Fantasy Dome where the event was held.

“Police have since Sunday morning locked up the Fantasy Dome and have started questioning leaders of the Church and Management of the Fantasy Dome about the event,” police said in a statement.

The police in the statement also noted that “any person found culpable will be arrested and duly prosecuted.”

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