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Women should not sit for 2 to 3 hours continuously – Doctor advises

Shot Of A Young Businesswoman Experiencing Back Pain While Working In An Office

Food Scientist and dietician, Dr Edmund Arthur says it is not advisable for women to sit for long hours continuously if they want to prevent bone pain or damage. He said women have more fatty tissues than men and the longer they sit, the more calories they produce.

This he explains increases the woman’s weight which puts excessive pressure on their bones. “Women have more fatty tissues than men, we the men we have more muscles so anytime we even sit, we lose energy, we burn some of our calories.”

“But when women sit down their calories increase, so women should not even sit down for two to three hours continuously like that, you try to balance it, you stand up and walk a bit.” “If you don’t do that you’ll gain weight and there will be a kind of force exerting on the bone and then the bone density decreases,” he explained.

Speaking on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning, Dr Arthur also added that using painkillers to tackle pain does more harm than good. He explained that painkillers only send signals to the brain for the pain to subside but does not really address the source or root of the pain.

He said the drugs may even worsen the cell that works within the bone known as the osteoclast. “Painkillers do not tackle the grassroots of what is causing the pain, it just sends signals to the neurotransmitters that the pain should subside but what is really causing the pain has not been handled.”

“It is unfortunate that as people take painkillers, they even worsen the cell that works within the bone,” he said. He encouraged individuals to rather eat healthier and more nutritious foods that will supply the necessary nutrients to repair the bones and also drink lots of water. Again, he advised that individuals should work on their body weight in order not to get obese and try as much as possible to encourage positivity.

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