Optical illusions can uncover your personality traits based on what you see first in an illusion packed with multiple meanings and implications. The idea essentially revolves around the fact that your perspective can be figured out based on what you see first in an optical illusion. This is because these are usually abstract pictures so you can see them without bias. Even if there are certain symbols in the images, what you focus on can say a lot about your personality.

Here is a famous painting titled “El Viejo Y El Rio” by Octavio Ocampo, a Mexican surrealist painter. Experts believe that what you see first in this painting can tell a lot about how you fall in love, as well as your perspective of relationships.

If you are curious, take a look at the painting and notice what you see first. Once noted, read below the explanation of what it means for the element you instinctively chose.


Old man’s face

If you saw an old man’s face first, it means you only want to fall for a long-term relationship. You do not look much for flings or one-night stands. Even if you have crushes, you only act on them if you think the other person would be equally invested in a serious commitment with you. You believe in investing in love for life, and while you adore the small gestures and the butterflies in your stomach, you hardly give in to short-term pleasures.


A man on a horse

If you saw a man riding on a horse, then you are afraid to ‘fall’ in love. You have issues in offering long-term commitments to a single person as you do not want to miss out on the ‘best out there.’ You are likely to settle late in your life and later, you may have regrets about losing out on some great people, only because you were not ready to stop looking.


A girl lying down

If the first thing you see is a girl lying down, then it is likely that you are or were heartbroken and are afraid to get hurt again. Falling in love was beautiful but it also left your heart in pieces. You have to find your strength and have some faith so that you are able to invest in your happiness and receive the love you deserve.


An archway over the river

If you see the stone archway first, it means that instead of actually falling in love, you are more fascinated with the idea of falling in love. You believe love is something removed from the rest of the world, like a fantasy that will change your life. Perhaps you need to get more practical in your approach to relationships or find someone exactly like yourself.

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