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Western North, Greater Accra top regions with the most promiscuous men


Often, many men in Accra get bad press for supposedly having multiple sex partners. Their accusers were not exactly wrong as it turns out one in five men in Accra had engaged in sexual intercourse with two or more partners in the 12 months preceding the 2022 Ghana Demographic and Health Survey.

According to the report from the Ghana Statistical Service, although they were not the most prolific men in this category, Western North men secured the second position with just one point behind the leading region. The report shows that 21.5% of men in the Western North region had multiple sexual partners in the twelve months preceding the survey. You can check your region’s position in the rankings below.

Western North 21.5%

Greater Accra 20.5%

Volta 19.4%

North East 19.3%

Western 19.2%

Bono 16.5%

Eastern 14.7%

Ahafo 14.5%

Central 14.0%

Upper East 13.8%

Northern 13.6%

Bono East 13.6%

Oti 10.8%

Savannah 10.7%

Ashanti 10.1%

Upper West 10.0%

If Greater Accra men lost the top spot with just a point, their female counterparts were not in the race. The Central Region snatches the top spot with 4.8% of women in the region stating they had had multiple sexual partners in the 12 months before the conduct of the survey.

Check out your region’s ranking below;

Central 4.8%

Western 3.5%

Ahafo 3.1%

Bono 2.8%

Volta 2.1%

Northern 2.1%

Bono East 2.1%

Western North 2.0%

Upper West 1.7%

North East 1.7%

Ashanti 1.7%

Upper East 1.6%

Greater Accra 1.3%

Eastern 1.2%

Oti 1.1%

Savannah 0.9%

However, one thing is quite clear, more men tend to have multiple sexual partners than women.

Meanwhile, only 15% percent of women and 7% of men aged 15–49 tested for HIV in the 12 months preceding the survey and received the results of the last test they took. This is despite about 80% of the women who had two or more partners in the last 12 months before the survey stating they did not use a condom during their last sexual intercourse.

The same is true of the men in the same category as only 18% used a condom in their last sexual intercourse. This has raised concern among health experts, who say the sharp increase in new HIV infections in the country is worrying and have called for more HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns to stem the spread.


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