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Two police officers killed in fatal shooting at East Trasacco


Two policemen have been killed in a fatal shooting at Block factory, a suburb of East Trasacco in Accra. The two off-duty officers were shot on Thursday around 6 pm in front of their private residence. In a terse statement on Thursday (2 May), the police said it has launched an intelligence-led operation to apprehend the suspects.

“The Ghana Police Service is on a manhunt for two gunmen who fatally shot two off-duty Police officers sitting in front of their private residence at Block factory, East Trasacco, Accra, today Thursday 2 May 2024, at about 6:00 pm.” “The gunmen did not take anything from the victims and sped off on a motorbike. An intelligence-led operation to get the suspects arrested is currently ongoing,” the police statement said.

By: Fred Dzakpata

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