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The Hon Member of Parliament for Yiepe/Kusawgu and a member on mines and Energy Committee of Parliament, Alhaji John Abdulai Jinapoh has stated clearly that, the current power outages in the country is as a result of financial challenges but not the exercises been circulating around by NPP Nana Akufo-Addo’s led government.

Mr Jinapoh in a press conference held in Parliament today 28 April 2021 explained that it would be proper for GRIDCO to come up with a power schedule or time table for everyone to know how to manage their affairs and also reduce the damages to our electrical gadgets, but the government has insisted that, such schedule should not be given to Ghanaians.

Also, he said, the transmission lines and transformers are congested and their congested is due to underinvestment and lack of regular maintenance arising from the poor financial health of the energy sector.

Mr Jinapoh did sight the current CEO of GRIDCO, Mr Jonathan Amoako-Baah in March 2018 sounded a warning to the government that, the country is likely to experience major power supply outages.

According to Mr Jinapoh, said caution came up soon after President Akufo-Addo took the decision to reduce the revenue flows of GRIDCO and other utility agencies but President Akufo-Addo refused to adhere to GRIDCO Chief Executive Officer’s advice and here we are been caught up by Dumso as it was predicted two years ago.

In an interview with Mr Abdulai Jinapoh Jinapoh soon after the press conference stated that the ongoing power outages is gradually collapsing people’s businesses and also causing serious damages to people’s electrical gadgets.

Mr Jinapoh further said, what even makes the situation more worrying is that, as the government assuring the citizenry of restoring the power soon, the more the situation get worse.

He believes that as a responsible minority in Parliament, they should come out to speak for the ordinary Ghanaians and suggest means for dealing with the situation to the government since the excuses given by the government are false, just as the six reasons given by GRIDCO which are all equally lies, including the recent excuse saying, the recent outages are happening because of trees which are fallen onto their pylons, which he believes they are all lies and fabricated stories just make the government look good in the midst of this power cries.


Source: Agyapong Abena Konadu

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