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Stop the calls to attack soldiers, it’s unlawful – GAF to public

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The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has warned the public against inciting attacks on soldiers in relation to illegal mining, also known as ‘galamsey’, or any other situation. This warning comes after Ernest Frimpong, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Parliamentary Candidate for Amenfi East, made comments calling for illegal miners to confront soldiers who attempt to prevent them from mining physically.

In a statement, the Ghana Armed Forces disclosed that in a situation where a soldier misconducts him/herself, the soldier should be reported to the nearest police station or military barracks for the appropriate disciplinary action to be taken. “It is important to note, that soldiers like any individuals, have the right to self-defense when faced with imminent threats or attacks that pose a danger to their lives or the lives of others.

In situations where soldiers are confronted with immediate threats or acts of violence, they are allowed to use necessary and proportionate force to protect themselves and others. It must be noted that the outcome of such avoidable confrontations may be unpleasant and dire.

“It is against this premise that GAF wishes to remind and caution the public that assaulting or attacking soldiers is a grave offence punishable by law. It implores all citizens to respect, cooperate, and support our soldiers and to refrain from engaging in acts of violence or incitement against them,” GAF added.

By:  Isaac Dzidzoamenu

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