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Stop fooling and protect your father’s legacy- Sonnie Badu tells Duncan Williams’ son

Sonnie Daniel

US-based Ghanaian gospel musician, Sonnie Badu has called out Daniel Duncan Williams, son of renowned Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams to stop dragging his family’s reputable name in the mud with his social media posts. In a Facebook post, he wrote, Hey Daniel, (Gyai gyimie no) my Twitter has been buzzing all day”.

Just like many Ghanaians, the Baba hitmaker is certainly not happy with Daniel, who is popularly known as Dee Wills for his unworthy actions which always court controversies on social media and continuously cast a slur on his family name.  Dee Wills posted his nude videos on Twitter (X) showing his manhood. Since the video went viral, Daniel has been strongly condemned for his actions with some social commentators insinuating that he has allowed himself to be used as a vessel to bring shame and dishonour to his father.

Interestingly, Sonnie Badu, who has always supported Daniel and once prophesied that he would be greatly used by God has come out to condemn him. (Read also  Leave such antics for newbies, netizens tell Sonnie Badu after performing without crutches at his concert)

In the said Facebook post today, Sonnie Badu entreated Daniel to take time off social media to fix himself since he was still confident in his prophecy that God would use him greatly.

“Hey Daniel, (Gyai gyimie no) my Twitter has been buzzing all day. “Is this not the one you said God will use?” Yes, I still stand by my Word, however, remember one day you will have children and a congregation, and you will have to explain this to them … Take time off social media, fix yourself and come back stronger… GOD WILL USE YOU ONE DAY … Protect the legacy of your father don’t destroy it … Long live the Ducan William legacy.  Next time your page will be reported,” he wrote.

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