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Six suspects arrested, 81 sacks of suspected marijuana confiscated


The Ghana Navy and the Narcotics Control Commission (NACOC), in collaboration with the Ghana Police, have arrested six persons over alleged narcotics. The operation conducted by the Ada Foah Detachment of the Ghana Navy Riverine Command, along with the Ghana Police also led to the seizure of 81 sacks of suspected marijuana.

The team discovered the 81 sacks of suspected marijuana in a run-down warehouse located at the Ghana Highways Authority premises in Ada. The suspects were apprehended at the scene, and the confiscated drugs were transported to the NACOC Headquarters in Accra for further investigation.

The intelligence-led operation was conducted to prevent the possible movement of the substances from their source on land. The authorities emphasized their commitment to combatting the illegal narcotics trade and urged the public to provide any useful information for future operations.

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